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Keep Your Resume Succinct

It may be tempting to include every job that you have ever held on your resume, but I would advise against it. Your resume should be tailored specifically to each position that you are applying for. You should not submit the same resume for Help Desk Administrator that you would for Software Developer. Here are a few more tips on how to keep your resume succinct. Remember, recruiters do not read resumes. They skim them:

  1. Only go back 10 years: No resume needs to list every job that you have ever held. No one cares that you worked part-time at TCBY when you were in college. Modern resumes are succinct and succinct resumes only go back 10 years.

  2. Successful resumes are focused on accomplishments and not tasks: Hiring Managers are more interested in how you make a company better than learning about your day to day tasks. Hiring Managers know that Sales Reps perform client follow up. They want to know by how much that Sales Rep increased sales.

  3. Your Education Section should be succinct: You don't need to list your alma mater's undergraduate enrollment or that you supported the football team all four years. All your education entry should have is your degree, your major, the name of the university, and the year of graduation.

  4. Don't make recruiters hunt for keywords: Yes, you should use industry keywords in context. So you will most likely use them in your job descriptions. But you should also have a separate keyword section.

  5. You need an executive summary: You should give recruiters a 3-5 line snapshot of your career and your major accomplishments. This summary should be located at the top of your resume.

I know that it is often tempting to include everything about your career in your resume, but please resist the urge. You will be allowed to go in greater detail about your career during the interview. Please save all the details for the interview and keep your resume succinct.