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Just Say to MS Word Resume Templates

Not everyone can afford to hire a resume writer. Hiring a resume writer can be a substantial investment. If you find yourself needing a resume, but short on funds you can always write your own resume. But please, please, please, don’t use a MS Word template.

MS Word Templates

What are MS Word templates. If you have a subscription to MS Word or if you have purchased MS Word outright then you have access to a number of templates. MS Word has templates for various documents, including calendars, academic reports, and resumes. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with these resume templates. They have modern layouts and the person who created them obviously had some knowledge of resume design principles. The problem with MS Word resume templates is that a lot of job seekers use them. Recruiters can easily identify templates and some may hold them against candidates because they are so generic and unoriginal. No one wants to hire someone who can’t even be bothered to have an original resume.

I recently critiqued some resumes for potential clients and I received two resumes that used the MS Word template featured below.

Wordtemplatenooo-page0001 (1).jpg

The Good News

You don’t have to resort to a MS Word template. There are plenty of options out there:

  1. Canva: Creating a free account on this website will give you access to free, customizable resume templates with modern layouts.

  2. Etsy: There are a number of shops where you can purchase beautiful resume templates. Check out shops like Templates Design Company, Resume Template Studio, and Caps Look. Their resume templates range in prices from $5-$15.

  3. Creative Market: This website allows graphic designers to sell their designs directly to consumers. You can buy a beautiful, customizable resume template here for as low as $10.

Now if this all seems overwhelming to you, you can always contact me and I will give you a free quote on my resume writing services.

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