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It's Time to Find a New Teaching Gig

Before I was a resume writer, I was a teacher. I graduated in May 2000 with a Master’s of Education in Secondary English Instruction. Student teaching was rewarding, but challenging, but I had no concept of what challenging was until I began to look for my first teaching job. I was living in Massachusetts at the time and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I papered the state with my resume. Actually I papered Massachusetts with more than just my resume. Applying for a teaching position is a complicated process.

It took me 2 and half years to get my Master’s degree in Education, but no class prepared me to look for a teaching position and neither did my student teaching experiences. What no one tells you in school is that applying for a teaching job is vastly different than applying for a job in any other profession.

The Teacher Application Package

Teaching positions require potential candidates to submit more than a resume. The typical teacher application package must contain the following:

  • A Cover Letter

  • A Resume

  • Official Undergraduate and Graduate University Transcripts

  • 3 Letters of Recommendation

  • A Statement of your Teaching Philosophy

  • Teacher Certification

  • Security Clearances (Child Abuse Clearances, Criminal Background Checks, and FBI Fingerprinting

This list of requirements is the same if you’re applying for a position as a Kindergarten Teacher or a position as a University Professor. Putting together a teacher application package can seem overwhelming especially if you have never written a resume before. I can help you navigate this confusing and often frustrating process. During my teaching career I have taught middle school and at the college level and I have tutored K-12. I have tons of experience creating teacher application packages and I’m here to help you.

Please contact me for a free strategy session and to see if you would like to work together.

Happy Job Hunting!!!