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5 Ways to Rock Your Resume (Part 3)


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Today we are going to discuss the 3rd way to Rock Your Resume and that is by optimizing your Core Competencies section. This section is also called “Key Skills,” or “Areas of Expertise.” It is a section of words directly beneath your executive summary.

The Core Competency section is important because it’s where ATS systems look to see if your resume contains keywords that match job descriptions.

Here is an example from a teacher resume.

Key Skills (1).png

Now, the words in the Core Competencies section should be pulled from the description of the job you’re interested in. Altering the Core Competencies section is also a good way to tailor a resume to match a specific job. You can simply add or subtract key words.

Make sure your keywords are as specific as possible. For example, use “Middle School Language Arts” instead of just “Language Arts.”

Don’t just stuff your resume with buzzwords or keywords. ATS systems are trained to detect that. If a Core Competency appears on your list then it should appear in more detail in the professional experience section.

Forget overused buzzwords like “problem solving” or “goal-oriented”.

You only need 9-12 core competencies.

Don’t use full sentences

if this all feels overwhelming to you or if you would like to hire a professional to write your resume. please contact me for a free resume strategy session.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow to learn how to rock the professional experience section of your resume.